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Gigawit Wireless Audio Module GWK5NO


Part No.: GWK5NO
Franchise: Gigawit
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Gigawit Wireless Audio Module   GWK5NO



GWK5NO is the digital audio interface version of Gigawit GWK5 family wireless digital audio products with 0dBm RF output power version. It is designed to interface with the DSP or digital amplifiers directly. GWK5Nx supports most of I2S format and sample rates.  GWK5Nx features both good wireless performance and audio performance. GWK5Nx has good RF co-existence and robust link quality, can combat the most interference from the crowded 2.4G ISM band. GWK5Nx uses non-compression PCM signal thus delivering very low THD audio. By adopting advance forward error correction and error concealment algorithm, GWK5Nx can reach <15ms latency, this makes it ideal for the Video synchronization, Home Theater applications.



  • - 5.1 Speakers
  • - Headphones
  • - Surround Speakers
  • - Microphones
  • - CD Player, DVD Player
  • - Stereo Audio Dongles



  • - Small RF foot-print (2MHz bandwidth) and frequency agility scheme enables better 2.4GHz co-existence
  • - Antenna diversity, forward error correction and error concealment for robust audio link
  • - None-compression wireless audio transmission with very low THD
  • - <15ms low latency, ideal for video synchronization applications
  • - Low Power Consumption(Codec not Included)
  • - 10+m RF indoor range
  • - 1 audio transmitter supports 4 receivers
  • - Dedicated 2-way logical data channel for remote control
  • - I2S digital audio interface supports 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 KHz sample rate
  • - Supports 2.1 Channel a low-cost extension chip
  • - Power management functions for battery powered applications
  • - Auto muting function when suffering interference or at poor receiving conditions
  • - Built-in Treble/Bass, Volume, Balance Control
  • - Flexible design, custom functions supported


DataSheet:                 GWK5Nx.pdf


Datasheet:                 GWK5NO_SW Wireless Audio Subwoofer Module.pdf


Application note:        GWK5NO Wireless Audio Module Application notes.pdf



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