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Pycom Expansion Board 2.0


Part No.: Expansion Board 2.0
Franchise: PYCOM
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Price : AUD$38.50 + GST


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Expansion Board 2.0


Introducing the Expansion Board 2.0, compatible with the WiPy 2.0, LoPy, SiPy and FiPy.


Create and connect your things everywhere. Fast.


Expansion Board 2.0 Features

- USB and LiPo battery powered

- FT234XD USB to serial converter

- LiPo battery charger (BQ24040), with options for two different charging currents (100mA and 450mA)

- TPS2115A with reverse voltage protection

- MicroSD card slot

- Three female headers to easily plug in the Wipy 2.0, LoPy, SiPy or FiPy

- JST style battery connector

- Power LED and charge status LED

- One user LED and one user switch

- Battery voltage monitoring via the WiPy ADC


- Lots of jumpers to enable/disable features


Use with Pybytes

Crafted by a group of Pycom back-end experts the Pybytes platform will be everything there needs to be in place to gather, organise and display your data FREE OF CHARGE in the cloud.

Regardless of whether you are a company, IoT system architect, or an ambitious tech hobbyist well soon get you connected



Datasheet:  Expansion board 2.0 Datasheet.pdf

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