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XPort Universial Demo kit

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Part No.: XP10010NMK-01
Franchise: Lantronix
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Price : AUD$230.00 + GST


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XPort / XPort Pro Evaluation Kit
For XPort Embedded Ethernet Device Server


Build Network Connectivity into Your Products, Quickly and Simply


The XPort® / XPort Pro™ Evaluation Kits are designed with all the necessary items to help you successfully implement the XPort or XPort Pro into your product design.

XPort and XPort Pro are compact, integrated solutions to LAN-enable any device with serial capability. By incorporating XPort or XPort Pro to a product design, manufacturers can offer network connectivity as a standard feature within weeks — so the product can be accessed and controlled over the Internet or Network.


Part Number Description
XP10010NMK-01 XPort Pro Evaluation KitXPort / XPort Pro Universal Demo Board*
  • Evaluation Board supports XPort & XPort Pro
  • +5VDC Universal Power Supply with snap-fit plugs for different countries.
  • RS-232 cable, DB9M/F
  • Cat5e UTP RJ45M/M Ethernet cable
  • Serial adaptor, 25-pin to 9-pin
* XPort / XPort Pro module sold separately
XPort Pro Part Numbers and Product Information


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