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Super capacitor available in Elecom Electronics Supply now
Elecom Electronics Supply, Australia / 2017-11-10
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 Elecomes new range of  Super Capacitors are ideal for Graceful shut down


Developed for the Industrial market place by leading EDLC super capacitor manufacturer VINATech, Elecomes now offers you a range of Super capacitors with the the highest possible density at competitive prices.


VINATech is the largest manufacturer of EDLC Super capacitors covering the range from 0.5 Farad to 3000F but focussing to 500F. This TS16949 approved factory has the very highest level of automated production ensuring competitive pricing and the very best in quality.


The VINATech 3v series has been a major winner for customers in the Industrial market who need long life. With more than 22% higher density than conventional products, the 3volt 360 Farad and 500 Farad ultra-capacitor series are the best possible product for managing battery-free back up for graceful shut down and short-term bridge power in UPS applications and the smaller values are beneficial for Industrial and long life applications such as AMR, data logging and vehicle telematics. The proven 3v series has been in mass production since 2010


VINATech also produce Hybrid P-EDLC Super capacitors in 2.3v offering double density technology which I ideally suited to applications such as Lighting and Wireless sensing. A 3.8v Hybrid Lithium Capacitor is soon to be released.


As Governments worldwide prepare for an uncertain future in power provision, businesses need to plan to maintain critical equipment and product performance along with retaining their invaluable data.


The VEC  ultra capacitors offer extremely fast charge and discharge characteristics so they are ideally suited to power hold up applications by responding to any change in power levels immediately, therefore reducing possible down time and sudden loss of memory/.These Ultra Capacitors replace slow responding batteries with  the added benefits of longer life times and meeting many global environmental directives.


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