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MT200A2EW-H5-WW PSTN to 3G modem/Ethernet converter
Elecom Electronics Supply, Australia / 2017-03-22
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Multitech MT200A2EW-H5-WW PSTN to 3G modem/Ethernet converter available from Elecom Electronics supply


The MultiConnect AEW analog-to-Ethernet/wireless converter is a convenient turnkey solution that allows legacy equipment with built-in analog modems to connect to the cellular packet data network. By emulating the traditional dial-up PSTN network and using integrated or external cellular modems, the affordable MultiConnect AEW converter gives new life to devices currently using traditional analog dial-up communications.


It is highly suitable for ATMs, Security devices, Medical system which would like to upgrade into Cellular network without a new design.




Key Features


·· Configurable WAN (Cellular or Ethernet), Set-up wizard via web browser

·· Outbound and inbound calling

·· Supports packet data and PPP pass-through modes

·· RJ-11 port provides dial tone and DTMF detection

·· Supports analog modem connections from 300 baud to 33.6K bps with error correction and data compression

·· LEDs for visual monitoring of power, signal strength, and phone line status · No RS-232 port for use with external modem

·· SSL Encryption / Open VPN

·· Certified in North America, European Union, and Australia/New Zealand

·· Two-year warranty


Target Applications

•           Automated teller machines (ATMs)

•           Home healthcare monitors

•           Security systems

•           Credit card/POS terminals

•           Kiosks

•           Industrial automation/utilities


The MultiConnect® AW MT200A2W-H5 PSTN to 3G modem converter is available from Elecom Electronics Supply, the ANZ local wireless and communications supplier. 

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