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Programmable LoRa Gateway for the Internet of Things
Elecom Electronics Supply, Australia / 2015-04-07
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Multitech MultiConnect® Conduit™ -  MTCDT Programmable LoRa Gateway for the Internet of Things


The MultiConnect® Conduit™ - MTCDT is a programmable industrial grade IoT Gateway which embedded with cellular LTE/3G option for Semtech LoRa based wireless sensor networks.  With the Linux development platform and Node-RED development platform option.


MultiConnect® Conduit™ is the most configurable, manageable and scalable communication gateway for realising your IoT applications. MTCDT is not a limited gateway for Cellular connection, but developers could embed Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, CAN, GPS or other technologies into the two accessories slots. By applied, two LoRa card inside the gateway, developer could extend the LoRa infrastructure network for their applications.


LoRa™ technology enables 10-times greater range than competing systems and the capacity to connect tens of thousands of nodes to a single gateway in a star architecture while maintaining low power consumption for multi-year battery operation.  This combination of benefits enables the next wave of IoT applications for smart cities, smart environments and other M2M applications. 






·         Hardware:           Processor 400MHz ARM9, 128MB-RAM, 256MB-Flash.

·         OS:                         Linux 3.12 Kernel, Yocto 1.6

·         Support:              Java, Ruby, Perl, Python, C/C++, PHP, C# and Javascript

·         Packages:            SQLite (Database), Ligttpd (Web Server), BusyBox (Core Utilities)..etc

·         Support:              Node-RED and MultiTech’s DeviceHQ™ an application store

·         Interfaces:          USB host, USB Device, 10/100BasedT Ethernet and Debug

·         Storage:               MicroSD card slot

·         Expansion:          2 x mCard Slots

·         Option to have LTE or 3G/HSPA+: 800/850/900/AWS1700-1900-2100MHz;

·         mCard – Serial supports RS232/422/485

·         mCard – GPIO supports 4 x Digital Input, 4 x Digital Output, 3 x Analog inputs

·         mCard – Ethernet 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN connectivity

·         mCard – Long Range, Ultra Low power 900MHz RF technology – LoRa technology

·         mCard – WiFi+BT Combo (soon available)

·         mCard – GPS + GLONASS (soon available)





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